10th anniversary marked quietly at Station fire site

It's a difficult day for many in Southern New England as they remember the 100 lives lost in the Station nightclub fire, 10 years ago. Family members were dropping off flowers at the site since 7 a.m.

Most folks told NBC 10 that they are looking forward to next year when a formal memorial is put in place.

Some said it feels like yesterday, while others said they have experienced more pain in one decade than they expected to feel in a lifetime.

"You really don't know what it's like it's 500,000 times worse than you think it's going to be," said Dave Kane.

Kane lost his son, Nicky in the tragedy. Nicky, at 18, was the youngest victim of the fire. Kane says in many ways Nicky was wise beyond his years.

"He wrote a play a year before he died called they walk among us, the play is about teenagers who die and come back as angels," Kane said.

Family members and friends came by the site to pay their respects throughout the morning. Some talked about their loved ones, others just wanted to observe a private moment.

"Oh my god he was a bubble of fun," said Allesandra Placella, who lost her uncle in the blaze.

Talking about the brother he lost, Edward Gonsalves said, "He was the MC at the show who introduced the band Great White."

"Watching my mom, watching my aunt and uncle; it took them at least a couple of days to figure out if he was alive or no," said Placella.

There is no formal service planned at this location for family or friends on Wednesday.

There will be a service Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. at the First Baptist Church in Providence.