24-hour truck plaza goes up for auction

The only 24-hour truck stop in Rhode Island is being sold in bankruptcy court.

The owner of the truck stop on Route 102 in West Greenwich owes $2.6 million to its creditors, mainly its oil supplier.

Colbea Enterprises, Travel America, and the Patel Group, all determined to be qualified bidders, appeared in court Friday morning.

Mark Russo, the court-appointed receiver, reviewed the three qualified bids and chose a $1.7 million bid from Travel Centers of America, a company that owns other truck stops.

A fourth bidder, one that contacted the overseeing attorney, says he was not allowed to bid Friday because he wasn't officially qualified due to paperwork.

John Tierney of Andover, Mass., said he is prepared to bid, as much as $2.2 million, for the property.

Tierney was not allowed to bid, but Russo said if he shows up with a certified check when the judge reviews offers on Monday, Tierney may be able to buy the property.