Investigators identify probable cause of fire

Investigators said they believe an electrical short circuit caused a fire in a Fall River apartment house over the weekend.

The fire broke out in the Columbia Street building late Saturday. The building houses a Portuguese restaurant at street level and apartments on the upper floors.

Miron Faria, who works at the restaurant and lives across the street, said he had just wrapped up his shift when he heard a loud noise, saw the fire, and returned.

Others, like Durvalina Correia and her son, were rescued out their windows by firefighters with ladders.

Maria Medeiros is Durvalina Correia's daughter, and she said that her mother has lived in the building and raised her family there for more than 30 years.{}

Medeiros was sad to see that everything her mother had worked for was gone, but more than that she was grateful that her mother is still here.

As family members try to salvage what they can, officials on scene assess the building that has clearly been severely damaged.

The city building inspector said investigators were still trying to determine whether the building can be saved.