City suspends license of Federal Hill bar

The Providence Board of Licenses voted unanimously Sunday night to suspend the license of the $3 Bar in Providence.

Board Chairman Johanna Harris said the vote was held at an emergency meeting at which police presented information about several recent incidents at the bar that were compelling enough to shut it down for 72 hours.

"The law states a nightclub or bar-restaurant has an obligation to keep the peace and not have disorderly conduct on its premises," said Harris.

Jonathan Stack was allegedly beaten Wednesday with a two-by-four by Daniel Lastarza in the parking lot behind the bar. Stack has since died.

Harris said a separate brawl at the bar Saturday involved upward of 25 people and resulted in two arrests.

"The altercation spilled out from the bar and continued into the street," Harris said. "It blocked traffic, put pedestrians in harm's way and took seven police officers to control and they felt like they were in harm's way as well."

The bar's license was suspended at 6 p.m. Sunday. The board will meet at 1 p.m. Wednesday to determine whether the bar should have its license removed permanently or reinstated.