78-year-old homeowner critically injured in home invasion

A 78-year-old Providence man was critically injured in an armed home invasion at his house over the weekend.

The victim owns the house on Ontario St. in the Elmwood section of the city, but the violence had nothing to do with him at the start.

Instead, police say it began with an attack on a tenant upstairs Saturday morning.

The third-floor tenant told police that two men forced their way into his apartment where he grows medical marijuana and beat him with a gun. The landlord, who we're told lives in the basement of the building, heard the commotion, went upstairs, and was beaten even worse.

Police are not yet identifying the elderly victim, but say the attack left him bleeding with serious head injuries.

The initial attack victim, the third-floor tenant, was also hurt.

Police are looking for suspects but are not saying whether they believe the home invasion was a random act or if that third-floor tenant or anyone else was targeted by the suspects.