A heartwarming reunion for two special Providence College Alumni

It was a special reunion within a reunion at Providence College Saturday.

Dr. Kathleen Calenda, class of '78, reunited with Tessa Tomassini, class of '09.

Calenda did not know Tomassini was going to be at this weekend's Alumni Association reunion.

"Am I shocked? Yes, I'm so honored she's here," said Calenda.

Twenty years ago, while working at New England Medical Center in Boston, she treated Tomassini when she was five years old and needed a liver transplant.

"She needed one very quickly, she was very, very sick and we literally said prayers and she got a liver," said Calenda.

"I'm healthy, everything's going well, because of what she does," said Tomassini, referring to Dr. Calenda.

Saturday was actually their second encounter in the last few months.

In April Tessa spoke at an advisory board meeting for the Make a Wish organization and Dr. Calenda is on that board.

That was the first time they had seen each other in fifteen years, since Tomassini was still a young girl.

"Dr. Colenda came into the meeting and it was immediate tears, because it had been so long.

The journey's been incredible she was so instrumental in my recovery and who I am today," said Tomassini who wanted to be at Providence College this weekend when Dr. Colenda received the Alumni Association's Personal Achievement award.

A reunion of two Rhode Islanders, both P. C. graduates, with one special connection under extraordinary circumstances.