ACI locked down after death threat note found


ACI officials instituted a lockdown in Cranston after a threatening note was discovered Thursday.

According to prison officials, an inmate with ties to a notorious gang threatened to attack and kill a correctional officer inside the state's Maximum Security prison. The inmate also vowed that the gang would retaliate against other correctional officers in the community.

A statement released by the Rhode Island Department of Corrections said due to the credibility of the threat the lockdown was issued to allow staff to conduct a "shakedown" to search for weapons that could be utilized to carry out the attack.

Nothing was found during the search they said.

"There has been a steady increase in the amount of violence that we are experiencing inside the prison walls" says Richard Ferruccio, President of the Rhode Island Brotherhood of Correctional Officers. "We have had over 150 incidents of inmate violence inside our facilities from January through February of this year alone. "

Officials have not released the name of the inmate they believe is responsible for the note.