Activists call for action against city violence

A recent string of shootings in Providence brings another anti-violence rally.

At Billy Taylor Park Monday night, Mount Hope Neighborhood Association leader Raymond Watson led another call for action. "When there's something negative that goes on, we're very good at getting out and yelling and protesting about it. We haven't been as good as we need to with the follow-up and being consistent," Watson told NBC10.

Watson called on political candidates to get on board, as he and other activists demand more money, or re-directed money, for programs for teens.

Chanravy Proeung, from Providence Youth Student Movement, said, "We have to stray away from trying to increase prisons and really throw our money back into our neighborhoods."

Activists argue it's better to pay for prevention than locking up inmates.

Watson said, "Whether you live in Providence, whether you never visit Providence, one way or another you pay."

Several candidates were in attendance, including Providence mayoral candidates Brett Smiley, Jorge Elorza, and Michael Solomon.

From the other side of the park, Anika Clement watched with a bit of skepticism, fearful this effort will be like others in the past, with only short-term improvement. "I think a lot of talking got to be more action," Clement said. "The kids need to see more people who understand them."

The event organizers plan to rally outside the office of Mayor Angel Taveras next week.