Adwatch: Fung touts experience in first campaign ad

A still from Allan Fung's "Hire" campaign ad.

Two candidates seeking the governor's office in Rhode Island have hit the television airwaves with commercials.

Cranston Mayor Allan Fung, a Republican, got there first with his "Hire" ad, put together by a national ad firm whose professionalism is evident in the commercial.

"Who do we hire to turn around Rhode Island? Why not start with the guy who turned around Cranston? Allan Fung," a narrator says in the ad.

NBC 10 watched the ad with professor Matt Guardino at Providence College. He noted the upbeat nature of the ad -- with its cheery music and bright colors -- and the impression it gives.

"It's very, very slick. It's very well produced," Guardino said.

Guardino said that normally, campaigns will start off with what are called biography ads and that these kind of issue spots are run more toward the middle of a campaign.

But Fung goes straight after the biggest issue in the race: Rhode Island's economy.

"All of that means smaller government and a bigger economy," the narrator says. "Fung created over 1,000 jobs."

Without fact-checking the claims, it appears the resume put forward by the Cranston mayor is a good pitch for taking over the state's top elected position.

"Not so much introducing him, as laying out -- in his mind, at least -- his credentials in terms of his past experiences for the job," Guardino said.

Fung drops in a dig at Democrat Gina Raimondo with a line about working with unions to resolve pension issues in Cranston, drawing a distinction with the statewide pension reform that is still in court.

But the message throughout the ad is very simple and basic.

"It's Rhode Island is going to be open for business if he's elected. He's shown that he can do this job, that he can create jobs," Guardino said.

The campaign says the ad will be running for three weeks at a cost of $100,000.