Adwatch: Narragansett Beer stars in Raimondo's new campaign ad

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gina Raimondo picked a popular Rhode Island brand for her new political ad.

She released a TV commercial Wednesday using the story of Narragansett Beer's rise, fall, and rise again to highlight her plans for a manufacturing resurgence.

"This is a comeback story, right? She helped turned around Narragansett Beer. She wants to turn around Rhode Island. And that's what we need, right? Rhode Island needs a comeback," said spokesman Eric Hyers.

But is what she claims true? It appears to be.

Raimondo's venture capital firm, Point Judith Capital, assisted numerous companies, including two Rhode Islanders buy Narragansett back from Pabst and open a Providence headquarters.

According to the commercial, the firm helped companies adding 1,000 jobs. Only about 10 of them were at Narragansett.

In fact, the beer is brewed in Rochester, New York and Westport, Massachusetts.

Hyers said he doesn't believe the ad is misleading to viewers.

"The headquarters here in Providence, they employ Rhode Islanders just down the street," he said.

A statement from Narragansett says the company has actively been seeking a Rhode Island-based brewing facility and are hopeful to bring all of the brewing locally soon, which could be a couple dozen more jobs.