Adwatch: Raimondo ad features family bike ride

Democratic candidate for governor Gina Raimondo has released her second campaign ad.

This one features a family bike ride.

"And mom talks about her jobs plan all the time," Raimondo's daughter, Ceci, says in the ad.

The girl probably couldn't be much cuter, and that makes it a little difficult to criticize the wholesome family tour of Raimondo's jobs program.

"It is both an image and an issue spot. It's image because she's there with the family, and that's productive. It's also issue because it identifies issues. But the thing that's interesting about it is, it's her daughter that's speaking, therefore it gives it a different kind of credibility than if it was the candidate," said Kay Israel, a professor of communications at Rhode Island College.

So, there's really not much to fact check or dispute here. And in fact, that's the intention.

It's more about telling voters that Raimondo is part of a wholesome family. In that respect, Israel gives the ad high marks for changing her image from what she's known for.

"Wall Street technician, you know, the intellect, the nerd. And this way, it personalizes her. Her kids are out there and they sound normal. They're doing something rather normal. They're on their bikes," Israel said.

Israel said the highlight of the ad might be the debut of a new talent.

"I would say the daughter is quite capable and ought to be thinking about a career in politics herself," Israel said.

But it's the boy's role with more of a punchline.

"Tommy thinks all that can help fill the Superman building," Raimondo's son says, while riding in a red cape past the landmark structure.