Adwatch: Raimondo remembers late father in first ad

Gina Raimondo is the first Democrat in the race for Rhode Island governor with a television campaign ad.

"My dad was always there, but this past Christmas he was having a rough time with his health," Raimondo narrates over old photos and video of the family at home.

The ad's subdued music sets a tone, and the film treatment makes it nostalgic, as Raimondo speaks about the courage of her father who lost his job in the mid-1980s.

"So we took a ride together to go see the factory in Providence where he worked for decades until they shipped all the jobs overseas," Raimondo says.

Raimondo's father died less than two weeks before the ad started running.

"I think it's risky because it might rub people the wrong way to have her referring to this aspect of her personal biography so soon after his death," said Matthew Guardino, a professor at Providence College.

Other than that, Guardino said it's an ad designed to make the candidate, who is an Ivy League-educated venture capitalist, who has been very successful, seem more down to earth.

He explained the intent of the commercial.

"Link her concern for middle class and working class issues, broadly speaking -- especially the decline in manufacturing -- and to show people that she cares about those things and she's going to use her father's biography to do that," Guardino said.

Television viewers will be seeing plenty of the commercial. The campaign bought $240,000 of airtime.