Computers stolen from after-school program

Someone stole 10 computers from an after-school program in Providence.

The robbery at Khadarlis Community Center on Academy Avenue was discovered Wednesday morning.

"I realized that four laptops were gone and six desktops that were just donated by Free Geek of Providence to Khadarlis for the after-school program were all gone," said Aisha Desince, executive director of Khadarlis.

The computers contained personal information about the people who use them and are important for members of the community that need to make a resume and use the Internet to look for jobs.

"They're trying to help me get a job. They're trying to help me do a lot of things, and it just means everything to me," said one woman.

The computers are also used by more than 25 children after school every day to help with homework and expand their education.

"This is the only place in this area for them to come to. There's nothing else over here. These people volunteer their time. If you need anything, they'll give it to you," said Tyrell Turner.

The perpetrator likely used some trash barrels to reach a window and gain access to the building.

Once inside, the burglar disconnected the surveillance system before taking the computers.

"Really, who's going to pay for it? The children? The computers were here for the children. At the end of the day, you're just hurting the babies," Ali Johnson said.

"I'm pleading to you. Your children in the neighborhood use these same computers. We won't ask any questions. We don't even care how they came back to us. We're just begging you and pleading to you to return the computers to us," Desince said.

Providence police were at the center Wednesday to investigate.