Alleged attacker to woman: 'I didn't kill your chicken'

Attleboro police say a 15-year-old boy attacked his neighbor inside her Cumberland Avenue home.

A teenager told a63-year-old woman that he didn't kill her chicken moments before he tried tokill her three different ways, according to an Attleboro police affidavit.

Paula McMurrough wasattacked in her Cumberland Avenue home on March 6 at about 10 p.m. by a15-year-old neighbor.

According to theaffidavit, McMurrough was reading in bed. The teen, who had gotten into thehouse through a window, stood in her bedroom doorway and told her, "Ididn't kill your chicken."

McMurrough told policethat the teen's comment referred to a conversation the two had when the boy haddone yard work for her last summer.

When she tried to callpolice on her cell phone, she told police the teen grabbed it and stabbed thephone battery with a knife.

According to theaffidavit, the teen bound her ankles and wrists and dragged her down thestairs.

The teen left and wentoutside to start McMurrough's vehicle, during which time, the woman tried againto call police, this time from a house phone. But the teen came back in,knocked her to the floor and kicked her in the face.

According to theaffidavit, "during the struggle he swung out with his knife and struck herin the neck. She collapsed on the basement floor."

Police said he draggedMcMurrough to her own vehicle and drove to an area pond. The teen pushed thewoman into the water but then said, "I can't do this." Police said heescorted her out of the water and gave her his coat.

Police said the teen tookMcMurrough to a location near Brennan Middle School, left her in the car, andstuffed a black T-shirt into the exhaust pipe. Police said at that point shedrove off, and left the teen behind.

Using a search warrant,police recovered the shirt and other clothing from the teen's house.

The suspect's aunt, whotold NBC 10 she was his legal guardian, said Tuesday her heart goes out to thevictim and she's sorry for the neighbors. She also said that NBC 10 knew morethan she did.

NBC 10 spoke withMcMurrough's son who said he had no comment. When asked about his mother'scondition he said, "She's alive."