Alleged burglar accused of leaving kids home alone

A Woonsocket woman faces chargesafter police said she left her two young children home alone while she went tosteal from her neighbor's apartment.

Police said 22-year-old RondelleHadrick was spotted climbing out the window of an apartment at 58 Paradis about 3 a.m. Saturday.

According to a police report, acouple said they were talking a walk and coming home when they saw a suspectclimbing out of their first-floor window with a purse.

The couple confronted Hadrick. Awoman told police Hadrick hit her in the face, pulled her hair and then tookoff.

The couple reported to policeHadrick she stole a Dooney and Burke purse containing $400 in cash andprescription pills.

When police officers arrived,Hadrick wasn't around but they found her two sons alone upstairs. Police said ababy was crying in a car seat and her 4-year-old was sound asleep.

"I hope for the children's sakeand the mother that she gets her life together," said neighbor Jaret Schantz. "Sothose children can be placed back with a mother who can take care of themresponsibly."

Later Saturday morning, policesaid Hadrick was found near the home and possibly drunk.

"She said she was at herfather's house which we haven't been able to confirm. Either way, she left thechildren alone which is concerning," said Detective Jamie Paone of theWoonsocket Police Department.

Woonsocket police said Hadrick facesmultiple charges including breaking and entering, simple assault and child neglect.

She's currently being held at theAdult Correctional Institutions.