CCRI students call for better alert system after report of assault

Students at CCRI's Lincoln campus are calling for a better alert system after some of them didn't learn of a reported sexual assault until hours after it happened.

CCRI Director of Marketing and Communications Richard Coren said awoman reported she was sexually assaulted in a bathroom Wednesday at about 8:45a.m.

"(She said) he began touching her, kissing her and she said tostop. Apparently, he heard someone coming and he fled," Coren said.

Campus and state police said they are looking for a man in hisearly 20s with dark hair and between 5 feet 9 inches and 6 feet tall. The allegedvictim reported the man was wearing blue jeans and a blacksweater.

"Overall, I was just really shocked about it. I think it's sickwhen stuff like that happens," said student Jared Potts.

Many students told NBC 10 they were upset they didn't learn of thereport sooner.

Only people signed up for the school's alert system got a textmessage.

CCRI said it also sent out an email, but some students claim theynever got it and instead heard about it through word of mouth.

"(I learned of it) this morning when I came into school from classmates.I didn't really believe it at first," Potts said.

A similar complaint was heard two weeks ago when a male studentwas verbally harassing women in the parking lot at CCRI's Knight campus inWarwick.

Coren said the school is using social media to get tips about theincident, but hasn't posted anything on its website.

"It's an isolated incident. It wasn't something we wanted to blaston the website," he said.

Students disagreed.

"It should have been on the website. And I feel like they haveeverybody's cell. We shouldn't have to sign up to these alerts," said studentLena Rithiphong.

Coren said the school is planning to move away from the opt-inalert system for one that includes all students.

He said the college hopes to make the switch by January.