Amber Alert over; Child found unharmed in Providence

Isaiah Perez

The Amber Alert for the missing 2-year-old Isaiah Perez is over.{} Johnston Police told NBC 10 Sunday evening that the missing child has been in Providence.{}

According to Johnston Police Isaiah Perez was found wandering down the street in the area of the Chad Brown Projects.{}{} Isaiah did not appear to have any injuries but was transported to Hasbro Children's Hospital for evaluation.

Johnston police said earlier on Sunday that two suspects were under arrest in connection with a double homicide and the abduction of the 2-year-old boy from the crime scene.

The toddler was taken from a home on Oaktree Drive in Johnston early Sunday morning.

"That's been our main goal right now, the safety of that child. That's our main impetus in this whole investigation," Deputy Chief Daniel Parrillo told NBC 10 News.

Parrillo said a witness saw someone leave the house with the boy.

Johnston police said 28-year-old Daniel Rodriguez was arrested by Providence police and that 22-year-old Malcolm Crowell was in custody in Fall River.

Both men were suspects in the killings and the boy's disappearance, although the boy's whereabouts remained unknown.

Johnston police continue to investigate the murder of two people inside the home at 3 Oaktree Drive between 4 and 5 a.m.

The relationship between the suspects, the boy and the homicide victims was not known.

Monique Rodrigues's brother-in-law lives across the street from the home and heard the gunshots, then heard something suspicious.

"They have a gravel hill and he heard people or a person running up the hill," Rodrigues said.

All of it was unnerving to residents who live in this otherwise very quiet neighborhood.

"It's scary, very scary. I'm just in shock," said Gina DiMeo who lives in the neighborhood.

Rhode Island State Police said anyone with information about the kidnapping should call them at 401-462-6237 or call 911.