Amos House accepts court-ordered donation in social host case

Jayne Donegan

A Rhode Island social services group said Thursday it has accepted a court-ordered contribution from a North Kingstown woman accused of having an underage drinking party at her home.

A representative from Amos House said the $5,000 donation will help fund the organization's recovery and sobriety-based work, and be used for training to help people resume their footing.

"Rhode Islanders can rest assured that this donation will be used to help those in our state who need it most," said Annie Colella of Amos House.

Amos House operates the state's largest soup kitchen.

Jayne Donegan was accused of letting minors drink at her home during her daughter's birthday party in February.

In an April meeting with a judge, both prosecutors and defense attorneys decided there was no evidence to support the charge, and it was dropped.

However, the judge mandated a contribution of $5,000 to go to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. The group decided not to accept the donation.

A lawyer for Donegan sent a statement Thursday that said his client is happy the money is going to a very worthy organization such as Amos House and she and her family are glad that the case is behind them.