Andrea's impact hits close to home for Perkins Avenue resident

The heavy rain from the remnants of Andrea is long gone from our area

And while conditions were dry and sunny can see why there was reason for concern.

For Amy Sinyei the timing of the latest storm is almost fitting, her Perkins Avenue home is one the city of Cranston just purchased in the aftermath of the flooding of 2010.

Sinyei told NBC 10 that the move is "bittersweet, it was my family's house and my mother will be sad to see it go, but when you see the way the water crested last night. It wiped out any doubt that this is the right thing."

This is about moving from her home, and more importantly moving on with her life.

A life which has been on hold for 3 years, and even more so over the last 9 months beginning when the city announced they were going to buy the houses.

Now it's time to live anxiety free, even if it means leaving the place she's called home.