Apartment resident told to remove her gardens from building

A resident at a housing complex in Portsmouth may have to remove gardens she had permission to plant.

Teresa Ryan lives in a housing complex in the Portsmouth Housing Authority.

She says she planted gardens in front and behind her apartment.

"Every thing I grew from seed. I watched them grow. They are like children when you grow things from seed," Ryan said.

She said she had permission to do so.

Then Ryan said she received a letter came out telling me she had to rip them out.

Jim Dilley, executive director of the Portsmouth Housing Authority, said Ryan was allowed to garden and that she was granted permission based upon a specific size and location. The director said Ryan did not adhere to the agreement.

"We spent thousands of dollars putting all that landscaping in and maintaining it on an annual basis, and we have to set standards on what can and can't be done," Dilley said in a statement.

While the letter that went out to residents said all plantings behind buildings planted by residents must be removed immediately, the director said the authority will review the situation.

Ryan said she did build out one of her gardens too far, and has since scaled it back. She's hoping management will work with her to keep what she's got left.

"It really gives me my only reason to get up and out of bed," Ryan said.