Area residents snatch up generators before blizzard

Residents in Barrington pick up generators at Ace Hardware a day before a potentially dangerous winter storm hits Southern New England.

With a blizzard in the forecast, many area residents are rushing to hardware stores to scoop up last-minute necessities to help them get through the storm.

"It's always the last minute," said George Tamer, who manages Ace Hardware in Barrington. "I have been in business for 16 years, and I have found that it's always the last minute."

Considering the recent past with area storms, residents like Larry Hall, of Barrington, are finally biting the bullet to get a generator.

"Every time a snowstorm hits or a hurricane in the fall hits, I keep thinking, 'I should get a generator,' Hall said. "So I finally broke down today and got it."

Experts say it's important for households with young children or the elderly to ensure that the occupants stay warm and don't risk getting sick.

Tamer warns that if you do use a generator to keep it properly vented - in a garage or shed - because it does emit exhaust fumes.