Reward offered in Exeter arson

Authorities are investigating what is believed to be a suspicious fire in Exeter.

The blaze Sunday night destroyed a home on Black Plain Road.

Nikki Bullock had just moved into the now charred rental home Saturday with her young son and boyfriend. Bullock told NBC 10, "It was supposed to be a new chapter in our life. And it burnt down the following nightwe have to start all over and we just started."

They were not home when the house went up in flames.

State Police tell NBC10 they're investigating what they believe is a suspicious fire. And the Fire Marshal's office has now posted reward signs.

"I'm really hoping it's a coincidence. I don't know who would do it to us," Bullock said. "It's scary. If they did do it to us, they could still be there somewhere."

Catherine Fiore told NBC 10, "As far as we know, someone doused the house in gasoline." Fiore's aunt is the property owner, who lives just behind the house that burned, and was too shaken and fearful to talk on camera. Fiore said, "I think she's scared because you don't expect something like this to happen, especially here. It's kind of disconcerting when you don't know why or who."

Neighbors say they saw three men in the area around the time of the fire. Fiore said, "I don't know if it was just a random act or someone was targeted but we're just hoping that maybe if we get this out there someone might know something, hear something, speak up because I'd hate for this to happen to somebody else. It's really a tragic thing to happen."

The home will likely be demolished.