Artist makes living creating Fenway art

New Bedford artist M-C Lamarre was busy Tuesday working on her latest creation, another piece inspired by Fenway Park.

"It's not like any other park," she said.

The Providence College graduate's first foray into Fenway art started right before the 2004 World Series. She did a mural of Fenway Park for her nephew's nursery.

She says being a Boston Red Sox fan is in her blood.

"In 2004, I went home and watched with it with my father who will be 81 years old next month. He's a lifelong fan and he's responsible for making all of us fans, I guess you could say," Lamarre said.

And that makes her work a passion.

She found a niche doing murals of the Green Monster and most recently set a goal to complete 100 murals for the 100th anniversary of the famous ball park.

She did it too.

Fittingly, her 100th mural was painted at the back of Jerry Remy's restaurant in Fall River. But she's done work all over the country.

"Some of the places I've shipped to, but most I've traveled to, so it's been really cool," Lamarre said.

She says 90 percent of her work is now Fenway related. She's done murals in people's bedrooms, basements and even bathrooms.

"How it transforms a space and the way people live is pretty fascinating to me. And the commitment that people have to this team and to this park is really phenomenal," Lamarre said.