Parents upset after threatening note found at Attleboro school

Some Attleboro parents told NBC 10 they were upset with school officials after they say they weren't informed sooner of what was described as a "hit list" written by a student at Hill-Roberts Elementary School.

Debbie Farrell was afraid to send her 8-year-old son, Sean, to school Tuesday.

"I felt that if I sent my son to school (Tuesday) and something happened, I would never be able to forgive myself," she said.

Farrell said she learned of the list Monday night through the media. She said there was no word from the school until Tuesday morning, about two hours after classes began.

"Why was there not a phone call until now? All of these schools have no problem making phone calls. Last night was just an epic fail," she said.

Farrell wasn't the only one asking questions.

Chief Kyle Heagney of the Attleboro Police Department told NBC 10 that a note containing the names of students was found at the School on Feb. 3. He said the school is mandated to notify police of threatening notes, but didn't.

Like Farrell, Heagney said police found out about the list from the media. He said police are now investigating.

Superintendent Kenneth Sheehan was scheduled to meet Tuesday with school staff, police and other officials to investigate the note.

Sheehan told The Sun Chronicle a substitute teacher got the note written by a disabled student a week ago and gave it to a school counselor. Sheehan, who had been on vacation, said he wasn't told about it until Monday because the staffers didn't think the child intended to act on it.

Sheehan said he believes the students are safe, but he's taking the note seriously.

Sheehan was not specific concerning the contents of the note, but told the newspaper the student who apparently wrote it has been identified.

The father of the student who wrote the note told NBC 10 his son has behavioral issues and was being bullied.

Heagney said the student isn't attending school temporarily until a risk assessment is completed.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.