Avedisian says school consultant's report may be useful

A decision by the Warwick School Committee this week spared one of the city's three high schools, but only for now.

City officials still have a lot of work ahead of them after the completion of a new study to determine how best to utilize the city's schools.

It's is a very emotional issue, as seen by the turnout at the public meeting this week and the personal commitment people have to their neighborhood schools. The trends are indisputable, but some feel the choice of schools to close may be debatable.

Warwick Veterans Memorial High School was selected for closure. It's one of three high schools in the city, and it would be converted to a middle school under the proposed plan.

But the opposition succeeded in getting the School Committee to put off the decision, throwing the issue to a consultant to come back with what is hoped to be an impartial choice of which schools to close.

There's no question the system was built to handle more than twice as many students as currently are in Warwick. But the politics are so strident, Mayor Scott Avedisian, who is actually not involved in the decision, believes a consultant's report may be useful.

"If you have someone come in who is from the outside and does not have a vested interest in this, hopefully they can put out a report and we can conglomerate the two and come up with something and move forward," Avedisian said Friday on a taping of "10 News Conference."

Avedisian said the requests for proposals for the study are being opened this week. There is no timetable on when the report itself might be completed. But eventually, Avedisian said some schools in Warwick will have to close.