Back To School fashion trends

Teen Vogue

? One of the most exciting parts of back to school shopping is getting some new clothes.Trends are always changing, but here are some to look for as you take the kids shopping:{}{} {}Jeans are always in style, but bloggers like Modern Mom say a twist on that is gray denim. It's popular with both boys and girls.{}{} {}Graphic t-shirts are in.{}{} {}The bohemian look is in for teen girls. Think pairing long maxi skirts with denim on top for some boho chic.{}{} {}The sporty look is in. Think basketball shorts, tees featuring your favorite team's logo, and jogging pants.{}{} {}The urban, hipster look. Think button-down plaid shirts and jeans.{}{} {}The 90s are back.{} Did you save your Doc Martens and grunge gear?{} It is now a cool vintage look for the kids.If you would like some more fashion trend ideas you can find them at these sites:Huffington PostTeen