Back to School: School supply costs rise

Every year it's the same routine, a mad dash through the aisles with the list of what kids need to bring for the first day of school.

"Every year it depends on the grade and what they're required to have each teacher has something specific," said parent Jessica Pelissier.

Pelissier expects to spend $400 on school supplies for her two kids. The long lists now include things like cleaning supplies and Kleenex.

"It's something that I think sometimes is a little excessive," she said.

A recent study from NBC News showed the cost of sending one kid back to school average $100, up 12 percent from last year.

So NBC 10 decided to put that study to the test.

After looking through a number of back to school supply lists we chose a Coventry elementary school and went shopping.

From pencils, to crayons, and cleaning supplies; the long list added up quickly and proved if anything this study is forgiving.

"So there you have it if I stuck to my list my total would be $128.39 and that's not including clothes or things your kids pick up along the way," said grandparent Noreen Bamford. "The funding isn't there as it used to be."

Bamford used to be a teacher, she empathizes with educators who spend a lot of their hard earned money on keeping classrooms stocked. That's why she, like most parents, sticks to the list and buys extra items for back to school.

"What are you going to do? It's on the list and if they don't show up with it that's not a good impression," she said.

Most teachers will tell you the extra classroom supplies aren't a requirement, merely a suggestion.