Barrington homeowners deal with storm damage

© Birch Swamp Road in Barrington

Tuesday's storm produced large amounts of hail, damaged trees, downed power lines and created a lot of cleanup for East Bay residents.

No injuries were reported.

Rumstick Road in Barrington was blocked by branches for the majority of the day Wednesday.

The storm snapped trees and toppled 60-year-old oaks onto fences and decks.

A few dozen people on Rumstick Road couldn't get to work because of the obstruction.

"I was able to send pictures to my boss and show what I'm really facing here, so I think I'll get a hall pass," said Chuck Borkoski, who couldn't get his car past the massive tree blocking the road.

"We noticed the school bus couldn't get down here to pick up our boys so they had to walk around and get picked up on the other side of the damage, but they did get to school," said Barrington resident Alexandra Tien.

The entire neighborhood will remain without power until state Department of Transportation crews can safely clear the road and allow National Grid crews to repair damaged power lines.

A 60-year-old tree also toppled onto a fence on Birch Swamp Road.

"If I hadn't seen it myself I wouldn't have believed it," said neighbor Brian Aspesi.

Aspesi watched the tree twist and drop onto his neighbor's yard as hail pounded the windows in his kitchen Tuesday.

"It felt like a tornado," he said.

The National Weather Service says no rotating winds were measured in the East Bay on Tuesday. Straight line winds likely reached 60 mph in some areas.

"It's like a tourist attraction. (Tuesday) there must have been 100 cars that stopped at took pictures of this tree. It was crazy," Aspesi said.