Barrington police charge teens accused of trashing home

Thirteen teenagers have been cited for trespassing in Barrington after a family came home from a weeklong vacation to find that people had been using their house to party.

Police said the teenagers range in age from 14 to 17 and include 10 boys and three girls.

The Woodard family came home from a July vacation to discover wet towels and blankets strewn about the house, someone's underwear on the couch, and condom wrappers and marijuana left behind. They said someone also made cookies.

"It turned into a wild party in the house," said Detective Ben Ferreira.

Police said one of the homeowner's children told a couple of friends they could come over to use the family's pool.

"Somebody within the family allowed one or two people to come into use the pool. That escalated with text messaging, media, Facebook," said Chief John LaCross of the Barrington Police Department.

Soon, at least a dozen uninvited teens were inside the house, and the place was trashed.

Tracy Woodard gave NBC 10 a tour of the house after she came home July 28.

"It's so disrespectful and it's so violating. You don't realize how much you feel violated until you start walking through your house and you don't know what's been touched and what's been used. Has my bed been slept in? Has my toothbrush been used? It's just a horrible, horrible feeling," she said on Aug. 1.

Police said the situation was dangerous, and could easily have led to teens being injured or even killed.

"My only message to parents is to have a sit down talk with your child or young adult and tell them what you expect of them. Not to drink, and the consequences if they do drink," LaCross said.

Twelve teens will go before the town's Juvenile Hearing Board, where they'll likely receive community service if they admit their mistakes.

One teen hasn't cooperated fully, and may be sent to Family Court instead.

Police said if residents are going out of town, they'll be happy to check on your house while you're gone to make sure only authorized people are inside.