BCC students not shocked about alleged hacking

Heading to his class Thursday at Bristol Community College, student Nick Lowney said he's worried, hearing that another student has been charged with hacking into the campus computer system.

But Lowney said he's not shocked.

"It honestly doesn't surprise me in this day and age because everybody's doing stuff like this nowadays," Lowney said.

Former BCC student Cameron LaCroix is charged with stealing teachers' information and hacking into the school's computer system to give himself better grades.

That meant changing passwords for business student Flavio Carvalho.

"It's kind of scary, you know what I'm saying? Like especially at the school system. You never think that something like that would happen because you think it's secure and everything," Carvalho said.

LaCroix is accused of logging on to teachers' accounts nearly 25 times and changing grades for himself and two other students seven times.

Students at Bristol Community College say they were concerned to learn their personal information could have been at risk, but they said what's even more upsetting is that LaCroix is accused of changing his grades.

"You have the people that work for their grades trying really hard in college, paying for these classes to actually get an education," Lowney said.

Students said it's unfair that someone could do this and receive a grade he didn't earn.

"We're here trying to get a degree, like we are giving up so much of our life and time and money and everything, trying to do the right thing," Carvalho said.

The school said it is tightening security so it doesn't happen again.