Bear sighted in North Kingstown targets chicken coops

The bear first seen in North Kingstown is still at large. One family says it's raiding bird feeders and chicken coops.

Carol and Bob Perry say they didn't see the bear but their rooster and hens sure did. The bear even took one of those chickens for breakfast Monday morning.

"These were all closed in for the night," Carol Perry said. "At 6 in the morning I heard the rooster and it sounded like he was right outside my bedroom door.

Perry is used to being woken up by her rooster, but she didn't expect to see their coop in disarray.

She and her husband said they believe the black bear made its way through the nesting box and then smashed through the front door of the coop at about 3 a.m.

Her neighbors agree. They said they think some footprints must belong to the bear. Next to the foot prints were feathers.

"We called her Buffy," Bob Perry said. "I'm glad that was the only one."

This isn't the first bear report. The state Department of Environmental Management has received about a dozen bear complaints. It's using a helicopter to look for the bear from the air. The department also set up a trap, baiting it first with donuts and now chicken coop shavings.

Even though the bear killed a chicken she's raised since it was a chick, Carol Perry said she doesn't hate the bear.

"It's Mother Nature," Carol Perry said. "You know we build all of these houses and cut down on their habitat and they're hungry."

She said she hopes the bear can be caught safely and relocated to a less populated area before all her chickens are gone.