Clinton's star power shines again in RI

Former President Bill Clinton makes a stop in Rhode Island for Democratic candidate for treasurer Seth Magaziner.

Former President Bill Clinton came to Rhode Island on Wednesday in a familiar role, as campaign star power for a candidate in Rhode Island.

This time it's for Seth Magaziner, a democrat running for state treasurer.

"I want to urge you not to be against anybody, but for Seth Magaziner," Clinton told a crowd at the Rhode Island Convention Center.

Magaziner's father was a top aide in the Clinton White House and works on the Clinton Foundation's health initiative.

Just four years ago, Clinton was in town to support Magaziner's current primary opponent, Frank Caprio, as Caprio made a failed bid for governor.

Caprio said in a statement Wednesday that he understands the friendship between the Clintons and the Magaziners, but adds, "This campaign is about the issues important to Rhode Islanders; successfully managing our States pension fund, lowering fees paid to Wall Street investors, and being a champion for small businesses, the backbone of our economy."

Caprio says he has a proven record in his earlier go-round as treasurer.

Bill Clinton says he really likes Magaziner's plan.

"You will get more jobs, more growth, higher wages, and greater opportunity, and more hope out of it," Clinton said.

Part of Magaziner's plan is to invest a small amount of the state pension plan locally.

"I'm going to use the treasurer's office as an engine for economic growth and putting people back to work. So, of course I'm excited to have President Clinton here. He's someone who has done it," Magaziner told NBC 10.