Bill would require ATVs to be registered

Aside from their own property, there isn't a place people can ride all-terrain vehicles in Rhode Island.

And until it changes, ATV riders are finding their own places, like the Diamond Hill Reservoir area in Cumberland. The problem is it illegal, and more often than not, other people live there.

"(The noise), it's horrible. I mean living out here you enjoy the quiet. My parents are old, they enjoy the quiet. And it's really difficult hearing all that noise when you want the quiet. You want to hear the birds and you can't," said Rhonda Harmon, whose parents live in Cumberland.

Neighbors said the small tire skid marks on the roads around Diamond Hill Reservoir are made from ATVs.

"They can be any time. You know, during the day, night time. They're coming by like early evenings," Harmon said.

A lawmaker, however, is proposing a bill that would require ATVs to the same registration requirements as motorcycles and motorized bicycles.

"We have numerous ATVs riding on private property and disturbing the people in Cumberland. So they have worked with the police department. We have two officers that are trying to help with this, but the officers are having difficulty identifying these vehicles and the people riding them," said state Rep. Karen MacBeth of Cumberland. "There's a lot of trails in the back and they can scoot out too, so it's really hard to catch them."

In Massachusetts, ATVs are required to be registered and there are six locations throughout Southeastern Massachusetts to ride.