Bird rescue in need of a new home

Right now, there are more than 50 birds at Lazicki's Bird House and Rescue in Wakefield.

"Eighty percent of them are abused abandoned or neglected. We take them in, rehabilitate them, and adopt out later," says owner and founder Steve Lazicki.

It's something Lazicki has been doing for 17 years.

He's been in the Wakefield location on Charles Street the last couple of years after moving from Warwick, but now he needs to be out.

Lazicki says he's been contacted by the new owners of the building who say the building is in such disrepair that it will be too expensive to repair, so it will be torn down, and he needs to be out by the end of December.

Now he's trying to find a place that's right for the birds and that he can afford.

"Money, and the acceptance of birds, even the average homeowner who has a puppy or cat, has hard time renting an apartment or home," said Lazicki.

Despite the fact they get ten to fifteen calls a week from people who want or need to surrender their birds, Lazicki says he's not taking any more in, so he can focus on trying to find a new location.

For Lazicki, it's very personal.

"My kids have grown and flown the nest, now I got more kids," he said, adding, "I couldn't give it up, it's in my bloodstream."

Right now there is an online fundraising campaign to help Lazicki's Bird House and Rescue relocate. You can help by going to their website or