Black ice made morning commute treacherous

This week's snow combined with Wednesday's rain made for slick travel conditions Thursday morning.

Secondary roads across our viewing area are covered in black ice.

For the most part travel along the highways travel was fairly smooth but it's the secondary roads that are giving drivers mostly slick areas to travel.

NBC 10 Susie Steimle reported that cars were fish-tailing on roads in Providence to Cranston.{} Local police reported four accidents in Providence overnight and said they responded to 48 accidents between 6 a.m. and 9:30 am.

There also were reports of accidents in Burrillville, Taunton, and Johnston; most of those accidents were on secondary roads.

In addition to secondary roads, the sidewalks and staircases were also slippery.

These treacherous conditions come at a time when the state salt supply is dwindling.

The Rhode Island DOT has been using a mixture of salt and sand to conserve its supply in recent storms and the town of North Smithfield is completely out of salt. They had to use sand to treat the roads during Wednesday's storm.

The next salt shipment isn't scheduled to arrive until March 1st.

Officials cautioned drivers to take it slow and leave extra time when traveling to and from work.