Block Island vacationers find other ways to spend holiday

As rain poured down, people rushed around in ponchos with umbrellas in hand. But Fourth of July was still a good day for many on Block Island.

"Well, we had four great days in a row and this is a lot of shopping, eating and drinking day. And we're going to have a sunny day tomorrow and Sunday," said Bob Baranowski of Long Island.

Baranowski and his family visit each year for the Fourth. Friday's weather meant plans changed, but he said they still enjoyed their vacation.

"You live on Block Island, you take the good with the bad and today, unfortunately, is a little of the bad. But you know, for all that it is, there's a lot of people on the island and everyone's making the best of it. You can't change the weather, and I think everyone knows tomorrow's going to be beautiful," said Jon Mackenzie, a shop owner.

Mackenzie kept his shop open until 7 p.m. He said on Block Island, when the weather is bad, people drink or shop.

He said he was lucky to have some shoppers, but he said he planned to get a drink Friday night.

"I didn't think we were going to get it. I figured we'd get a little bit of rain, and probably spoil the plans for the parade. But I didn't think we'd have much wind, and you know this kind of surprised me and maybe some others," Kathy Szabo, of the Block Island Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber of Commerce said all the holiday celebrations will resume Saturday after being rained out Friday.

By Saturday, everyone is hoping the weather will change for the better, returning things to normal on the island.

Hotel owners said they didn't have any vacancies this weekend, even with the weather. Most people who came for the weekend were counting on Friday being the only bad day of weather.