Block says Fung supported amnesty for illegal immigrants

Republican candidate for Rhode Island governor says he supported an immigrants rights ride 11 years ago when he was a Cranston city councilor but says the goal of the ride was not for amnesty.

It was 2003 -- the 40th anniversary of the Freedom Rides to the South supporting civil rights for African Americans.

However this ride was for immigrant workers. It was organized by unions and supported by the socialist workers.

Republican candidate for Rhode Island governor Allan Fung was a Cranston city councilor. He said he supported it but claims amnesty for illegal immigrants was never a goal.

"Amnesty was never ever part of the discussion, not part of the resolution at all. What it called for was federal immigration reform," Fung said.

But his Republican opponent Ken Block says the freedom ride was intended to lobby for amnesty, and he's calling out Fung for supporting the effort.

"It's shocking that a Republican candidate for governor would support full amnesty without addressing the larger problem of uncontrolled immigration in this country," Block said.

Fung said his position was for comprehensive immigration reform. Accounts of the ride clearly say it was intended to find a path to citizenship for undocumented workers. Block called it amnesty, and said Fung needs to own his position.

"He's tried to position himself as someone who has been extraordinarily conservative and every time that the truth comes out as to where he's really been with his policies, it makes Rhode Island voters what he really stands for and what he's really thinking," Block said.

Fung said Block is the one to be questioned.

"There's nothing but lies coming out from Ken Block and his supporters. I have never supported amnesty," he said.