Blue Man Group brings unique show to PPAC

Jell-O, paint and toilet paper don't exactly invoke visions of the theatre.

But that's what makes Blue Man Group unlike anything else.

"It's fun. I'd say fun. People don't expect it to be so funny, and I think that's one thing that helps us do it night after night," said Russell Rinker of Blue Man Group.

The spectacle comes to Providence this weekend for a five-show engagement at the Providence Performing Arts Center.

The show promises new content, a stunning stage and some classic Blue Man favorites.

"Learning how to catch marshmallows. You start with one, and you do two, and then three. And you slowly get better at it. But again, it's one of the things in the show that is unlike anything else," said Shane Andries of Blue Man Group.

But beyond the absurdity is actual social commentary. The performers make statements on music, technology and cultural understanding.

Believe it or not, there's a message behind the mess, and those themes have resonated with theatre goers all over the globe.

"We have a lot of stuff on this tour that is about issues that we're facing today -- texting, and social media, and the Internet, and how we're connected, but not connected," Rinker said.

Millions worldwide have seen the show.

"It's just unique and unlike anything else. So, you're going to have a great time, and you never know what's going to happen. So, you got to be there to find out," Rinker said.

As for what the Blue Man actually is, that's still up for debate.

We'll save that one for the I-Team.