Board votes to parole convicted killer

The Rhode Island Parole Board on Monday unanimously agreed to release a so-called thrill killer who's served less than half his sentence.

Alfred Brissette pleaded no contest to murder in the 1999 killing of Jeanette Descoteaux. He was sentenced to serve 35 years.

The Rhode Island Brotherhood of Correctional Officers was among the first but not the only organization to come out against the parole board's decision.

Brissette was convicted of a thrill killing with an original release date of 2034. In June, according to Matt Degnan of the parole board, the board reportedly paid attention to the fact that Brissette behaved in prison and participated in different programs.

"They should behave when they're in prison. You shouldn't get any extra points for that. You should've behaved in society. You wouldn't have been in that situation, especially the brutal crime that he committed" said RIBCO President David Mellon. "Again, we expect him to behave in prison."

Mellon compared Brissette's case to convicted child killer Michael Woodmansee, who was released because of credit for good behavior.

"It's a huge difference. It's even more egregious than the good time bill which Woodmansee got out after only serving 28 years. This is only 13 years when they brutally killed this woman. It's tragic. It's just rubbing salt in the wounds," Mellon said.

Brissette is expected to be released sometime around June.