Mayor uses $3 Bar issue to focus on city's club culture

Providence Mayor Angel Taveras

Mayor Angel Taveras is using The $3 Bar to speak out against the club culture in Providence.

With its ostentatious awning and bottom of the barrel drink prices, the $3 Bar owner didn't exactly try to hide plans for a party atmosphere. Taveras admits he should have seen the neon yellow building as a red flag right away.

"Quite frankly, when you think about the price and the whole business model, it probably was very predictable," Taveras said in response to the recent violence on Federal Hill.

Last week, Jonathan Stack was beaten to death with a two-by-four behind the $3 Bar. Over the weekend, a bar brawl spilled into the street and on Sunday the city temporarily revoked the owner's liquor license.

"We do not want night clubs on Federal Hill we want to preserve the historic nature of federal hill and we want people to come and enjoy Federal Hill. We will have entertainment other places around the city but that is a place I think is very important to preserve that character so we can continue to attract people from around the world," Taveras said.

Taveras enacted an ordinance back in 2012 that makes it illegal to open nightclubs on Federal Hill. He said he doesn't want the historic part of Providence to be a party scene. The $3 Bar place skated by because it's technically a bar, which doesn't violate the ordinance. Taveras says next time won't be so easy.

"Next time around we will make sure our ordinances look at this issue even more closely to make sure this is not repeated," he said.

The city Board of Licenses turned down the two most recent club owners asking for a liquor license. Taveras said the city will continue to crack down until there's a culture change on the club scene in Providence.