Boaters concerned about debris from WaterFire

The Fox Point Marina in Providence is host to more boats than ever this year, so more people are noticing what's floating in the river.

And boaters say it's not pretty.

The Point Street Bridge contributes large timbers to the floating debris, complete with old fashioned spikes that no boaters want to come across.

"All the debris under the boardwalk will be on the water during high tides," one boater said.

There's also a lot of litter, and nobody knows better than the organizers of WaterFire who constantly combat the tide of garbage.

"The things we pull out -- bicycles, shopping carts, tires -- plus all the floatables, plastic bottles, things like that," said Peter Mello of WaterFire.

Mello's volunteers work every show to try to keep as many logs as they can from becoming litter.

"During the event, all the boats have big nets. And if a log falls in, we pick it up and clean it up," he said. "The river is so important to us. It is our stage."

Mello said more than 10,000 logs are burned on a typical WaterFire night.

Mello said his volunteer teams will go out again in the following days to pick up any stray logs they can find and make sure they are only a small part of the garbage in the water.