Police treat burned body in cemetery as murder

Cranston police said Thursday that a man whose burning body was found in a cemetery was murdered.

The body of a man in his 20s was found burning among the brush Wednesday night in Pocasset Cemetery off Dyer Avenue. The man was identified by his fingerprints, but his name has not been released.

"I think that's crazy. That there would be a body that close," said Jill Charette of Cranston.

Police were being tight-lipped about what they found at the crime scene, leaving people even more on edge.

"It's shocking. I've been living here since I was a little boy, so it's very shocking," said Jason Manzo.

Firefighters were called to the cemetery at about 11 p.m. Wednesday to extinguish a brush fire burning near the entrance. Once the body was found, police were called.

Though a gruesome crime, some residents say the area has become more and more troublesome in recent years.

"This stretch, honestly, is a very genteel, very bucolic, quiet, working class area but the last few years it has become a little more intimidating. It's a little higher level of violence and a different element around here. It's kind of alarming. It's ratcheted it up a bit," said Dennis Horton, a business owner.

The body was not that of Sunil Tripathi, a former Brown University student who has not been seen since Saturday, according to a Facebook post by his mother.