Police probing whether body is missing Brown student

The Rhode Island medical examiner's office is trying to determine whether a body found in Providence is that of a Brown University student reported missing.

Police said members of the Brown crew team found the body Tuesday afternoon in the water near India Point Park.

It appeared to be a man in his 20s.

Julie Pelton was on her way home from dinner with her daughter when she saw the commotion and stopped.

"Then we noticed that there was two boats dragging, what looked to us as a dead body," Pelton said. "The body was face down, so you could only see the back. I say him because it looked like he had ripped jeans on, so it looked like a male."

Police said it was too early to determine whether the man was 22-year-old Brown University student Sunil Tripathi, who disappeared in March.

Relatives of the Bryn Mawr, Pa. man have been searching for him. Both the FBI and Brown students have helped.

Tripathi's family says he was on leave from the school and living with classmates in Providence.

The medical examiner's office was planning an autopsy for Wednesday. Oates said identification wasn't expected until Thursday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.