Boston bombing victim crowned prom queen

Prom had an added significance this year for one Boston Marathon Bombing victim. Sydney Corcoran who was injured in the blasts attended her senior prom Tuesday night in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Sydney Corcoran wasn't able to dance at her prom due to her injuries after the marathon Monday bombings but she was crowned prom queen.

Sydney suffered shrapnel wounds to her femoral artery and her mother, Celeste, lost the lower half of both of her legs to the blasts.

This is one of the first signs of life returning to normal for the Corcoran family after the bombings permanently altered their lives.

Sydney was taking pictures with her boyfriend and her family before her big night. She got her hair done on Newbury Street before leaving for prom and her mom painted her toes.

Corcoran said she was shocked to learn that her guidance counselor had nominated her for prom queen. She said the hope of being able to go to prom helped her through her rehabilitation process.

Another milestone for Sydney comes next week, it's her high school graduation is next Friday, June 7.

Sydney and her mother originally lived in North Kingstown.