Boston commuters prepare for security delays

MBTA commuter rail stations will be the site of random police searches in the coming days in response to the Marathon Monday bombings in Boston.

Trains were delayed throughout the morning Tuesday due to increased security checks in and around the Boston area.

Commuters stood in silence on the platform at South Attleboro station.

"It's just such a great day. They had a beautiful day to run. It's just very sad," said Sharon Arbo, a commuter.

Arbo said she knew what to expect on the train Tuesday morning.

"Delays," she said.

But like most, she feels lucky to have delays as her biggest concern.

"I think everybody wants to be safe, and if we're going to be a little bit late that's OK," Arbo said.

Police will search bags at random as commuters exit trains on their way to work.

The Back Bay, where the bombs went off, remains locked down. Employees in that area of the city have been told to work from home. Foot traffic to and from the area is limited as it remains an active crime scene.

Many commuters were there Monday.

"We heard the blasts and thought it was cannons going off for Patriots Day," said Nicholas Coccio.

Now they wonder how and when the Back Bay will go back to normal.

"It does feel different. I guess there's a little fear of the unknown," said Kathy Mucciarone.

"It was a wonderful city to live in. It still is. Hopefully, we'll find out a little bit more about what's going on and what the causes were," Arbo said.

Other than Copley Station on the Green Line being closed, all other commuter rail and T stops should be operating normally with increased security throughout the week.

The MBTA reported normal service on all commuter rail lines as of noon.