Boston Marathon bans bags as part of security

New rules have been released regarding what can be brought to the Boston marathon this year.

The Boston Athletic Association announced the policy changes in advance of the April 21 marathon.

Police are stepping up security in light of last year's bombing that killed 3 people and injured more than 200.

The increase in security was expected following the terror attack last year. Police have made it clear; safety is the priority, not convenience.

The list of things you can bring is much shorter than what you cannot. Runners can bring a fanny pack, no larger than 5 inches by 15 by 5 inches.

Fuel belts that runners wear along their waist are allowed. Headphones are discouraged but they will be tolerated.

Security officials said they will not allow backpacks, or rolling suitcases of any kind.

Strollers of any kind are not allowed so young children will have to be carried by their parents or walk on their own.

No camelback backpacks or personal hydration products. No bulky costumes or costumes covering the face.

If you bring signs to cheer runners on, they cannot be larger than 11 by 17 inches.

Also no "bandits," this means any unregistered runners who jump onto the course for a short period of time will be removed from the course.

If runners need to check personal items, an option to do that will be available at the Boston Common.

A bus will then drop them off at Hopkinton and items can be picked up after the race.

Race day is Monday April 21.

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