Boy attacked by dog at baseball practice

Jason Feit and his family talk with NBC 10's Brian Crandall on Monday, July 1, 2013.

Jason Feit was back at the Gano Street ball fields Monday, two days after being attacked by a dog at baseball practice on Saturday.

But the 12-year-old won't be playing for a little while, after the dog ripped into his leg and arm.

"My leg definitely hurts. I can't exactly walk," he said. 'The bite was hurting. I couldn't do anything, it was hurting so much."

Jason Feit was running on the field with his teammates at practice.

"The dog was just running alongside the fence next to me. I was running. He slipped through the fence and he came at me," he said.

"After he ran to me, he bit my leg and I just fell after he bit my leg because it hurt. He held onto me. Then he just started clamping it. I moved my arm to cover my face. When he saw the arm move, he went after my arm."

The dog's owner was apparently back on the other side of the fence with another dog. Jason's coach came to the rescue.

"He pulled the dog off and he opened the fence so the guy could come get his dog. The guy took the dog and left," Jason Feit said.

Feit's family, Providence police and community members are trying to track the owner down.

"Who leaves the scene of something that happens to a little boy like that?" said Dave Feit, Jason's father.

Feit's family wants to know if the dog could have rabies to they can decide if their son needs the rabies vaccine.

"Our primary concern is that this doesn't happen to anybody else because we don't have the dog, we don't know if rabies is an issue. And if we can possibly avoid having him go through the rabies vaccinations, we want to do that," Dave Feit said.

Apart from the physical injuries, Jason has some emotional effects too.

"(It) freaked me out. I hope it doesn't happen again. Don't want it to happen to anybody else," he said.

The dog was described as a brown, possible pit bull mix. The owner was described as a white man in his 20s or 30s with collar length hair.