Boy named in Amber Alert back home in RI

Daniel Britt

Six-year-old Daniel Britt is finally home in Woonsocket.

Sean's father told NBC 10, "to hear the Lego's going again, hear Sponge Bob on the TV, it's the best feeling ever, ever."

Daniel's mother had taken Daniel to Seattle, without the consent of his father.

Once authorities tracked him down, Sean Britt flew to Seattle to get him, landing there Friday night. "He was sleeping actually, I didn't want to wake him up but he woke up, I hugged him, said Daddy's here and I won't ever let him out of my sight again."

Sean Britt, who was sharing custody of Daniel with his ex-wife, says he now has full custody.

The boy's disappearance eventually led to a nationwide Amber Alert, though Britt is upset it wasn't issued sooner.

Andria Britt is now charged with child snatching in Rhode Island. "I wish I knew why, he was so happy, he was going back and forth things were fine, why do that?"

Britt says his son appears to be doing fine but he'll be watching him closely. "I'll just take it day by day and go from there."

Daniel will return to school Tuesday. He turns 7 years old on Friday. His father said he wants to ensure life is as routine and normal as possible.