Boy Scout Troop works to recoup their losses in Coventry

On a sunny Saturday morning Boy Scout Troop number one of Coventry had a car wash to raise money to go to camp.

By 9 a.m. cars were lined up down the block ready to support this troop. Especially because members of the community of Coventry, like Vito Amitrano, know how badly they need it.

Amitrano told NBC 10 News he was "here to make a donation for troop one because they had a problem, they lost some money so we're here to help them out."

The "problem" Vito Amitrano is talking about is an embezzlement case the scouts had to file against Catherine Valenti. Valenti's own sons are in this troop, and she's also the former treasurer who is accused of writing herself checks from their account totaling more than $8,000.

The troop set a lofty goal of making $1,000 back from this car wash, by 11:00 they'd already made that much back and then some.

It's a lesson in integrity; one Leah Lowell and other troop leaders never expected to be teaching, but as the Boy Scouts law states, a scout must be thrifty and trustworthy even when the adults in their life can't be.