Family speaks out about brutal attack

Catherine Salvi

Through the grief, anger and tears, Mary Salvi spoke Friday for her daughter, Catherine Salvi, who Woonsocket police said was assaulted by her boyfriend. She later died of her injuries.

"She did everything for that boy. Her poor son. She didn't deserve all this," Salvi said.

Catherine Salvi's boyfriend, Emmanuel Algaria, faces felony domestic assault charges.

"He's an animal. He took the one thing. My baby away from me," Salvi said.

Salvi's family and close friends showed up to court wearing sweatshirts with Salvi's picture. Mary Salvi said the young women have stood by her through this entire ordeal.

"They're family. They've been with my daughter and me since the beginning, and they were with me when she took her last breath," Salvi said.

On Friday, they hoped to stare Algaria down and see him face additional charges, but his court appearance was postponed until the end of the month.

After the Dec. 13 assault, Salvi spent three weeks in a hospital. She died Sunday. The state of Rhode Island is waiting for a completed autopsy report before deciding whether to charge Algaria with murder.

As well as justice for Salvi, her family wants justice for all domestic violence victims. They especially want justice for the couple's son, Davian. The 2-year-old was in their Woonsocket apartment when Salvi was attacked.

Mary Salvi said she doesn't know if her grandson saw anything.

"I hope he wouldn't because who wants to see his own mother get knocked down and hurt like that?" Salvi said.

If he did, the family said they will be there to help and to guide him through the pain of losing a mother and making sure he doesn't forget her love.

"I'm going to make sure that he knows that his mother cherished every moment with him," Salvi said.

Catherine Salvi's funeral will be held Sunday in Woonsocket.